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Willow Brook News

News Flash!

Every single one of Willow Brook’s FIVE skilled nursing and assisted living centers has earned a PERFECT NURSING SCORE from the Ohio Department of Health for at least three years in a row. Willow Brook is among the TOP IN THE STATE for resident and family satisfaction, according to Ohio Department of Aging surveys. AND, for the second year in a row,U.S. News & World Report has included us on its list of the BEST NURSING HOMES IN THE COUNTRY!



A word from the CEO (July 2014)

They say you’re in trouble when you start believing your favorable reviews.  I do hear lots of compliments on Willow Brook from all quarters.  “You guys are the best.”  “Boy, you should teach seminars to show others how to do it.”

larry pic newI also know that we are imperfect human beings imperfectly fulfilling our mission.  We have our warts.  But when I hear so many accolades, I start to wonder if there isn’t some truth in them.

So, with all due humility, I ask, what makes the difference at Willow Brook?  Let me tick off what I see as the reasons.

First, there are out beautiful facilities—carpet everywhere (even in the healthcare centers); private rooms (mostly) in our healthcare centers; restaurant-style dining; lounges, courtyards,patios and balconies; trees, water, and inspiring views; our no-stink nursing homes.

 Our facilities are really nice, that’s true.  But we can have the most gorgeous communities on the planet, and that isn’t the end of the story.  Without good people, we are nothing.  I do believe that our loving, caring team is where we really shine.  Most of our workers are infected with our mission.  You can see it as they go about their daily duties.

And there, I contend, is the real difference—our mission.  For more than four decades, we have committed ourselves to filling the needs and wants of the people we serve.  We are for-people, not for-profit.  It ain’t fake!  We love our people and we love what we do.  And that makes all the difference in the world.

With love to all,

Larry Harris, CEO

LeadingAge Regional Art & Writing Exhibition (WB) Winners

Here is the list of The LeadingAge regional art & writing exhibition winners from Willow Brook. Our residents took home 22 ribbons! Twenty entries will move on to the state awards exhibition! Congratulations to all of them!


  • John Russell 1st place woodworking
  • Joyce Stambaugh 3rd place photography
  • Geri Ross 1st place special fine art
  • Passages Crafters 3rd place special 3-D
  • Centrum Creative Group 3rd place special cooperative

Delaware Run:

  • Gladys Dillemuth 1st place large quilted  - 2nd place small quilted
  • Dianne Almendinger 2nd place fine art 1
  • Peg Simone 1st place wearable art
  • Gert Torry (honorable mention) woven arts (honorable mention) wearable art
  • Ann Hopkins 1st place small quilted  - 3rd place large quilted
  • Ken Fischer 1st place fine art 1
  • Nova Weller 1st place computer art
  • Robert Johnson 2nd place woodworking
  • Tom Mac Laughin 1st place photography - 2nd place fiction
  • Catherine Palmer 2nd place non-fiction
  • Brenda Spradling 3rd place non-fiction
  • Marilyn Schroeder 3rd place fiction
  • Del Run AL Artists 1st place special 3-D


E-revolution Sweeps Willow Brook

Willow Brook’s five healthcare centers are converting medical charts from paper to digital format. Nurses, aides, and other direct-care personnel can be seen tapping iPads and wall-mounted touch screens as they enter information related to resident care.

Nursing assistant Hyacinta Simmons taps in information on a resident record, using one of the new touch-screen kiosks at The Home.“The new electronic records will facilitate record storage, analysis, and exchange of information with doctors and pharmacies,” says Kellie Korpieski, director of nursing at Willow Brook Christian Home. “I am happy with the way my nurses and aides are embracing the new technology.” 

New computer replacement systems also have been installed recently in the accounting department, human resources and admissions offices. Says CEO Larry Harris, “We are undergoing nothing short of an e-revolution throughout the Willow Brook ministry. Few departments and personnel are untouched, and I am proud of the positive can-do spirits of most every staff member. These positive attitudes have made a difficult process much easier.”

Willow Brook Honors, Thanks Volunteers

Willow Brook Christian Communities presented three individuals with “Gift of Love” awards at the annual volunteer appreciation luncheon on May, 2.

Every year, families, residents, volunteers and staff nominate volunteers for the Gift of Love award. Three awards are given, one for each of Willow Brook’s three campuses.

Peg Dlouhy received the honor for her work to enhance the lives of the residents of Willow Brook Christian Village. Peg Dlouhy received the honor for her work to enhance the lives of the residents of Willow Brook Christian Village.

Marlene Andersen, director of resident life activities , said “Peg is an ‘everything’ volunteer. She is a great voice for the people. She is active, involved, and very sweet. She steps right in when something is needed, is easy-going, and she is always there when people need her help. She was the right person for this award. She even delivers flyers to the houses in The Village in the middle of winter!”

According to resident Lois Smith, she is “supportive and interested in all of us.” Another resident, Jean Flahive, adds that as president of the Residents’ Advisory Council, Peg gives to her neighbors “beyond the call.”

Kelly Frentsos Brettney Culler and Larry Harris CEOBrettney Culler is a graduate of Olentangy High School and the hospitality program at the Delaware Area Career Center. As a student she spent three years helping at Willow Brook Christian Village, and for the past two years has been an active and committed volunteer of Willow Brook at Delaware Run, riding the DATA bus to and from her home in Lewis Center twice a week.

“You might find her in any area of the campus,” says activities director Kelly Frentsos. “She is a delightful workhorse, washing down tables, carrying out trash, stuffing envelopes, rolling silverware into napkins, and shredding documents.

“What is even more important is that she is wonderful and loving to the residents. While life has given her some challenges, Brettney has a gift. She remembers everyone’s birthdays. She can quickly recall not just the date, but the age of each person as well.

“Brettney is especially helpful with people who are troubled and need a gentle, settling calmness. She gives hand massages, and sits quietly, talking, or just silently keeping them company. She makes everyone a part of her extended family,” continues Frentsos.

Resident Don Davis raves about Brettney’s enthusiasm, helpfulness, and colorful, quirky style. “She is a real inspiration to others,” he says.

“She offers her help to anyone she can,” according to Genevieve Peterson, “carrying materials in and out of the building and adding a smile and cheerful words as well. By doing everything she can do she is a role model for us all.”

Emily Wiggins Gift of Love-webEmily Wiggins, also from Lewis Center, won the award from Willow Brook Christian Home.

Every Tuesday she visits ladies to paint their nails in fun colors and embellishments. She is an instructor at The Ohio State University, teaching spatial design and working with her husband at their auto customizing shop.

“I never used to get my nails done, says resident Judy Smith, “but Emily does such a great job that I have my one hand painted each week.”

“Oh, Emily is just a doll! I really enjoy it when she paints my nails and then does my make-up. I want to look good for my husband,” said Suanne Keener, and Lynn Brown adds “She is always trying to get me to do something wild.”

Willow Brook provides retirement living and health care to about 500 people on three campuses in central Ohio. The work of 400 staff members is augmented by more than 300 volunteers who, as this year’s winners demonstrate, contribute in many different ways to the quality of life of everyone around them.