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Willow Brook News

A Word from the CEO (April 2014)

Larry Harris, CEOThe good news continues to fly in. Willow Brook keeps getting hard-earned accolades from many sources.
This winter, both of our nursing homes – Willow Brook Christian Home and Cherith at Willow Brook Christian Village – were named in the U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Nursing Homes” list. This is the second year running both have made the list.
The results of the Ohio Department of Aging’s resident satisfaction survey are in, and all five of Willow Brook’s healthcare centers scored very well in response to the questions, “Do you like living here?” and “Would you recommend this facility?” Our scores ranged from 94% to 96.9%, compared to a statewide average of 87.1%. Willow Brook Christian Home even made the golden “Top 25” list, from among 940 nursing homes, for the second consecutive year.
Both of our nursing homes are rated “5 Star” (the highest) by the federal government. Only about 20 percent of nursing homes nationwide earn the 5-Star rating.
Cherith Care Center at The Village was selected as a training site this winter for new nursing home surveyors. For about a week, four trainees and two trainers had Cherith under a microscope so the newbies could learn the fine art of nursing home inspection. We consider this a high honor to have been deemed appropriate for their training site.
I take pride in these in these honors. While we aren’t perfect, we are working our hearts out to see that you receive the very best care and service. And that, in my humble opinion, should bring you great peace of mind.

With love to all, Larry Harris, CEO

Residents, Families Happy with Willow Brook

snf-topResidents, Families Happy with Willow Brook Willow Brook Christian Communities’ healthcare centers are among the best in the Ohio Department of Aging’s latest resident satisfaction surveys.

The ODA surveyed 953 skilled nursing facilities and 598 assisted living communities and asked two key questions:

  • Overall, do you like this facility?
  • Would you recommend this facility to a family member or friend?

Willow Brook Christian Home, on Lazelle Road was in the top 25 for the second year in a row, with 100 percent agreement from the residents that they would recommend it to a family member or a friend, and 96.7 percent who liked where they lived.

One hundred percent of the residents of the Cherith Care Center at Willow Brook Christian Village in Delaware said they liked where they lived, and 97.8 percent said they would recommend it a family member or friend.

Outcomes were similar when residents of Willow Brook’s three assisted living centers were surveyed. The overall assisted living satisfaction score across the state was 87.1 percent. Willow Brook’s three assisted living centers scored better:

  • Willow Brook Christian Village 94%
  • Willow Brook at Delaware Run 96.2%
  • Willow Brook Christian Home 96.9% 

"I am so proud that all five of our healthcare centers rate near the top", said Willow Brook CEO Larry Harris. “This is another indication that we are doing it right."



A Word from the CEO (March 2014)

Larry Harris, CEOWhat does it mean when we say an organization is not-for-profit? Willow Brook is in that category. To state the obvious, Willow Brook’s purpose is something other than profit. This does not mean that we don’t earn any. We do, and we wouldn’t be around for long if we didn’t.

So what, then, is the difference between Willow Brook and a for-profit organization that serves older adults? To answer that question, let’s follow the money trail. What do we do with our profit? What do they do with theirs? We retain ours and use it for residents’ benefit. Our profits go to bolster services, to cover losses on those who can’t fully pay, to establish new ministries under the Willow Brook banner, and to strengthen our financial footing. We have no owners or investors who expect a return.

The for-profit operator first pays investors their due. That’s priority one. Service to residents is seen as a means to that end. In fact, the actual business activity – serving older adults – can be irrelevant to the purpose of profit. If the time comes when elder services are no longer profitable, our for-profit brethren will take their money and build a shopping mall, buy a car dealership, or open a chain of donut shops. In other words, they will switch to something, anything, that will earn profit.

Willow Brook is in it for the long haul, come what may. If not for our mission of service, Willow Brook would not exist. There’s nothing wrong with earning profit for investors. Profit drives the American economic engine. But in an organization that serves our old friends, every dollar distributed to investors is a dollar not spent for the good of the people served.

Since our founding 42 years ago, thousands of people have been served by this not-for-profit ministry. We do it all for them, period, and that’s the beginning and the end of the Willow Brook story.

With love to all, Larry Harris

A Word from the CEO ( Feb. 2014)

Larry Harris, CEOOld Man Winter has clobbered us good! I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get warm again. When I go home at night, Janet and I snuggle in under a throw, put on American Idol, and sip hot chocolate.
Still cold… Willow Brook has had a few frozen pipes at our three communities – Delaware Run was hit especially hard last month with a major fire sprinkler line break in the lobby. What a mess! Other than that, we seem to be faring pretty well.
Putting myself in your shoes, I would say Willow Brook is a good place to be in weather like this. Inside, there are warm gathering places, the food is great, and spirits are high. Outside, the maintenance teams have done a great job clearing snow from parking lots and streets, so even when you need to go out, you can safely do it.
So I say let the cold north wind blow and let the snow pile high. No matter the season, it is an honor to serve you. You inspire me and my team, and you give us energy. Can’t think of anything I would rather be doing with my life.

With love to all, Larry Harris, CEO

2014 STARS Awards Nominations


To all Residents and Family Members:

Willow Brook Christian Communities is a member of LeadingAge Ohio, an advocate organization for nonprofit services for older Ohioans.   During the month of February, this organization will be conducting a search for exceptional non-supervisory staff members to recognize at the annual “Stars” Luncheon to be held in April 10, 2014.   This would be done through a nomination, on the employees’ behalf, for the “Stars” Employee Recognition Program.

To nominate an employee, complete the attached “Stars” Nomination Form (linked to below) and submit it by Friday, February 28, 2014. All nominations should be sent to Janis Frey, Director of Human Resources, Willow Brook Christian Communities, 100 Delaware Crossing West, Delaware, Ohio, 43015.

» Download the LeadingAge Ohio "Stars" Nomination Form 

For your convenience, a nomination drop box is also provided in the front lobby of each Willow Brook campus. We are very proud of our exceptional staff at Willow Brook. The care they provide and the love they show to our residents exemplifies our mission to serve. We hope you will be able to assist us in recognizing a member of our staff as a “Star,” so he or she will realize just how important and special they are to our residents.

If you have any questions about the program, or would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 740-201-5747.

Sincerest thanks,

Janis Frey, Director of Human Resources