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A Word from the CEO…

     Willow Brook is turning 40 this month. The Ides of March, 1972. That’s when it all began.
Larry Harris, CEO     Our nursing home near Worthington, Willow Brook Christian Home, started operations on March 15, four decades back. Back then, it was hardly a shadow of itself now. Twenty-five beds. Sixty-five hundred square feet.
     That community today is 56,000 square feet, with a capacity of 84.
     And we have built two full-service retirement communities in Delaware. In all, we have 642,611 square feet under roof. That’s an average of 16,000 feet added each year! Mercy! We’ve been busy!
     So in the past four decades, we have built,built, built. And on any given day, we are serving 560 old friends.
     But far more important than all that construction, Willow Brook has maintained its timeless mission of service. Everything we do is ultimately for the good of the people who live within our walls.
     No one earns a nickel from our endeavors. Every penny of “profit” is plowed back into the organization to benefit our people—to enhance services, to establish new ministries, or strengthen our financial foundation.
     And so I sing in my heart, “Happy Birthday to you,” dear Willow Brook. It is, for sure, a happy birthday—and I am so glad you are a part of it all.

With love to all,

Larry Harris, CEO