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A word from the CEO…

     Good news for Willow Brook’s healthcare centers is just breaking out all over!  Our Cherith Care Center at Willow Brook Christian Village was featured a couple of weeks ago in a front-page story in the Columbus Dispatch.  Cherith has been ranked by the Ohio Department of Aging among the top 25 nursing homes (out of more than 900 in the state), based on an exceptional resident satisfaction survey. Larry Harris, CEO Every other year, the state sponsors a survey of all nursing home and assisted living residents.  All five Willow Brook nursing homes and assisted living facilities scored significantly above state averages, thanks to marks and comments from our satisfied “customers.
     ”But even more, Cherith recently passed its annual unannounced inspection from the Ohio Department of Health with zero deficiencies, and has been awarded a five-star rating (the highest) from the federal government.
     All of our healthcare centers on all three campuses are consistently receiving high marks from government agencies.  The assisted living at Willow Brook Christian Home has received perfect inspection reports from the Ohio Department of Health five years in a row.  Our Delaware Run assisted living center has earned two perfects in a row.
     Over the past few years, we have received so many perfect or near-perfect inspections that it is easy to take them for granted.  Truth is, these are rare occurrences among Ohio’s care facilities, and each represents exceptional staff effort and attention to detail.
     I could hardly be more proud.  And for you, this all means that quality healthcare services are yours when/if you need them.  Our thanks really should go to the 380 staff members who work so hard every day to see that residents are well-served.

With love to all,

Larry Harris, CEO