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Willow Brook News

A Word from the CEO (August 2013)

Taste Of Worthington WinnerMercy goodness gracious sakes alive! We did it again! Willow Brook was voted number one in July’s Taste of Worthington food fair. This was our seventh first-place win in nine years. Willow Brook Christian Home’s culinary leader Madelyn Turner and her ace crew won the dessert division of the competition. They were up against some of the top restaurants in Worthington/North Columbus, and sailed right through to the top. Typically about 3,000 people attend the event, and they vote for their favorites.

It is clear that some in the competition just show up at these events, but for Madelyn and her bunch, it is a top-priority year-long project. You could see and feel the energy under the Willow Brook tent that Friday night. I offer my congratulations to the Home’s entire culinary team – especially to Eric Radcliff, creator of the winning entry.

Larry Harris, CEOSo what does this Taste of Worthington win mean to you? It is just one more indication of Willow Brook’s commitment to excellence. We strive for the best in every aspect of our ministries, and it is rewarding to see those efforts recognized. Other recent accolades include the federal government’s five-star rating for our two nursing homes, their high ranking in the state’s resident satisfaction survey (placing both facilities in the golden “top 25” – of 964 nursing homes in Ohio), and both facilities making the “Top Nursing Homes in the Nation” list compiled by US News & World Report.

With love to all, Larry Harris, CEO

A Word from the CEO (July 2013)

As we dive headfirst into summer, we have unleashed a small army of landscape workers who are duking it out with Mother Nature. Mother Nature insists on dense forests everywhere; we want retirement communities. Except in those wild places where we are in agreement with Mother Nature’s attempt to hold onto patches of natural woodland, we are waging a war. Each day, armed with mowers and pruners and herbicide concoctions, the landscapers do battle with weeds, wooly grass, and unruly shrubs and trees. The three Willow Brooks look great landscape-wise, but only because we have reached a Mexican standoff with all things green.

Larry Harris, CEOAnd at our Delaware Run campus, we pulled off an amazing feat this spring by lifting the roof from our single-story assisted living wing so we can add a second and third level. The wing was built with the idea of expanding vertically (crazy as it sounds). A precast concrete ceiling was installed beneath the framed roof structure, along with foundations substantial enough to support three floors. As sections of the roof structure were removed, workers rolled out a rubberized mat to protect the lower level from rain. So far so good – only one minor leak that was quickly fixed.

When complete next winter, the second level will contain more assisted living rooms, and the third level will be “transitional apartments” for those whose needs fall between independent and assisted living. Seems like we always have a construction project in the hopper. We just opened an expanded therapy department at Willow Brook Christian Home, but this one at Delaware Run is for the books.

Of course, everything we do is for the residents. Whether it’s trimming up the landscaping, expanding the therapy department, or adding floors to an assisted living wing, it all is done with one goal in mind – so we can serve more people better. I am so glad you are one of them.

With love to all,

Larry Harris, CEO


Central Ohio Symphony Sponsor

The Fourth of July will be a busy holiday for Willow Brookers. Two of “our guys” will be grand marshals in the Columbus parade on July 3 at 6:00 pm.  Ray Nally, from the Village, and Charlie Allen from Delaware Run, both WWII pilots, will be honored and ride in the parade, which begins at 6:00 pm on the Main Street bridge, going east on Main Street, turning north on Front Street, and disbanding at Spring Street.

The next day, Willow Brook will again be a proud sponsor of the 4th of July concert at Phillips Glen on the Ohio Wesleyan University campus in downtown Delaware.

A Grand Opening

WBCH Grand OpeningWillow Brook Christian Home welcomed members of the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce and the community at a Business Before Hours breakfast open house to celebrate the opening of the new rehabilitation therapy digs on Lazelle Road.

About a hundred people gathered to feast on fruit, omelets, pastries, breakfast meats and lemon cheese blintzes with raspberry sauce. Yum! Tours of the rehabilitation center and warm words of welcome from Chamber director Kathryn Paugh, Willow Brook CEO Larry Harris and Home Executive Director David Chappell complemented the courtyard conversations and comraderie, and everyone continued on to a more productive day because of their early morning stop for their business breakfast.

Delaware Run Roof Comes Up – And Goes Down

Delaware, OH—The folks over at Willow Brook at Delaware Run on West William Street are raising the roof this week and next.

Raise the Roof“It’s in preparation for an expansion of our assisted living center,” says CEO Larry Harris.  The self-funded $5.5 million project will add 12,600 square feet to the 14,000-square foot healthcare center, with 22 additional  assisted living rooms or suites and seven transitional living apartments.  A new dining room for the memory care center, and a snack shop/deli where residents, families, guests, and staff can grab a quick bite to eat any time of the day will also be added.

Opened in 2009, the healthcare center at Delaware Run has reached capacity and sees a growing need for assisted living services.  The expansion will add two more floors to the assisted living wing, one just like the first floor, and the other with apartments that will provide transitional care.

“Transitional apartments will make it possible for couples to get more supportive services than they can receive in independent living,” says manager Heidi Reed, “but at a lower cost than a couple would pay for an assisted living suite. So many couples just barely hang on because they want to continue to share their lives as before, but one person’s illness places that married life in jeopardy.”

The roof project will continue on Monday, once the weather improves.

Construction of the two additional floors is expected to be complete in about eight months, says Harris.