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Willow Brook News

Folks in assisted living at Delaware Run have been experimenting in the kitchen this winter with an old-fashioned, easy scone recipe. Each Tuesday, assistant activity professional Grace Lackey mixes up a new concoction, trying lemon- blueberry, vanilla-chocolate chip, lemon-poppy seed, cranberry-orange and plain English tea scones.

While the scones bake and the smells fill memory care, Grace gets the residents moving with chair exercises, then a Delaware County discussion, which the residents have really enjoyed. We have learned a lot and have put on our outing list some places we would like to see.

When the scones come out of the oven and the tea is done steeping we sit and enjoy the warm treats and the company of neighbors. We’ve had so much fun we decided to take the scone Tuesday theme into March. We have another 35 recipes to choose from. If you have a favorite recipe, email it to us and we will try it!

Today the assisted living residents at Willow Brook Christian Village took our big, new bus on its “maiden voyage” to visit Willow Brook at Delaware Run. While there CEO Larry Harris christened the vehicle with root beer! How fun it will be to have room for even more people to go on outings!

New Bus at Willow Brook

When you Want the Best To Get Her Home SoonFive Star Ratings

  • Both of Willow Brook’s skilled nursing/rehabilitation centers were recently named among the top 25 (out of 948) nursing homes in Ohio by satisfied families.
  • Every single one of Willow Brook’s five nursing, assisted living, and memory care centers received a perfect score in their most recent nursing surveys by the Ohio Department of Health.
  • Both of Willow Brook’s skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers also received Five Star Ratings (five stars out of five) from the federal government on Medicare.gov.

     Well, we did it again!  We snagged another deficiency-free survey in one of our healthcare centers.

Larry Harris, CEO     In January, the Ohio Department of Health did an unannounced inspection of the assisted living floor at Willow Brook Christian Home, and we passed with zero deficiencies.  So our record of perfect surveys at all five nursing homes and assisted living centers is holding into 2013!

     Every year, inspectors from the Health Department come to each nursing home and assisted living facility in Ohio.  Their visits are always unannounced, so we need to be prepared 365 days a year.  Willow Brook has had no deficiencies in the nursing portion of these inspections for more than a year.  That is almost unheard of!  For Josie Montgomery, director of assisted living at The Home, this was her sixth perfect survey in a row.  She has never had a deficiency during her six-year Willow Brook career.

     And there are other indicators that we are doing an exceptional job in our healthcare centers.  Both nursing homes have earned the top Five-Star Rating from the federal government.  And last month, we learned that our two nursing home ranked high in the Ohio Department of Aging’s Family Satisfaction Survey—Willow Brook Christian Home is fourth (out of 964 nursing homes), and Cherith Care Center at The Village is 15th.

     Perfect inspections, high rankings, five stars—I am very proud of the job our healthcare teams are doing.

With love to all,

Larry Harris, CEO

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Willow Brook’s Nursing Homes Both Rank in the Top 25 in Ohio Satisfaction Surveys

Willow Brook Christian Communities has received notice that both of Willow Brook’s skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers have received resident and family satisfaction scores that placed them in the top 25 for the entire state of Ohio.  The Ohio Department of Health licenses and/or certifies 964 nursing homes for participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

In its notification on December 27, the Ohio Department of Aging gave Willow Brook Christian Home, on Lazelle Road in Columbus/Worthington, a score of 95.93 and the Cherith Care Center at Willow Brook Christian Village in Delaware 94.47 out of a possible 100 points in the 2012 Nursing Home Family Satisfaction Survey Results.  According to Erin Pettegrew, Ombudsman Projects Coordinator in the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman’s Office, the results were to be uploaded to the Consumer Guide this week.  The printable facility-level reports are expected to be online in late January.

“I couldn’t be more proud,” said Larry Harris, CEO of Willow Brook Christian Communities.  “We are so happy to know that our efforts to provide the highest quality of care, along with heavy doses of affection, are valued by the residents and their families.”

In Ohio, the state makes annual unannounced inspections to make certain that each nursing home follows state and federal rules and regulations.  The inspections, coupled with the state-controlled satisfaction surveys, help to assure that the quality of care and the quality of life of nursing home residents are maintained.

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