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Willow Brook News

Second Annual Beyond Golden Celebration

Beyond GoldenNearly a hundred couples who had been married for 50 years or more gathered at Willow Brook at Delaware Run for the Delaware Gazette’s second annual Beyond Golden celebration on Saturday.  Prizes were awarded for those who had been married the longest, those who honeymooned the farthest away, and those with the most life experience (highest combined age).  Music was provided by Dwight Lenox, and the chefs outdid themselves once again.  You can tell by our little photo album here that everyone had a great time!

A Word from the CEO…

     The Medicaid program is a wonderful thing.  It covers medical costs for the poor, including those who need nursing home care.  About 40 percent of those living in Willow Brook’s two nursing homes are receiving benefits from this program.  
     However, at Willow Brook, Medicaid covers only a portion of the costs. We Larry Harris, CEOmust underwrite the program with charitable support.  This amounts to many hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  What’s more, Ohio has instituted devastating Medicaid cuts these past couple of years, and Willow Brook’s burden is all the greater.
     Still, we are happy and proud to be able to extend a loving hand of support to those of our number who cannot pay their bills.
     But we are seeing residents, and potential residents, who are taking steps to “protect” their assets in order to qualify for Medicaid.  This is sometimes done under the advice of an attorney!  The State of Ohio thankfully has taken steps to stop some of this, but there apparently are sometimes ways to manipulate the system and appear destitute, when in fact funds have merely been transferred to give the illusion of poverty.
     As a taxpayer, and as Willow Brook’s CEO charged with ensuring that our financial resources are not wasted, I object.
      I ask that every Willow Brook resident live by the spirit of the Medicaid program.  Those Medicaid dollars and Willow Brook’s charitable funds are simply too precious to squander.

With love to all, 

Larry Harris, CEO

Second Annual Extravaganza!

The teams from all three of Willow Brook’s campuses gathered at Delaware Run for competitions in putting, free-throwing, T-balling, corn holing, fishing, card and table game playing, ping-pong, billiards, and more.

 second annual Extravaganza

All that competition worked  up appetites for the hog roast prepared by Chef Marc and his crew and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  The piece de resistance were Chef’s hogs stuffed with chickens stuffed with sausage and served with corn bread, salads, veggies and specially decorated cakes.

 second annual Extravaganza pig roast

The golf outing was the final event of the second annual Extravaganza!  The golf outing was outstanding because the point spread between the low and top scoring teams was only ten points.  Regular play ended with a tie, the tied teams ended a two-hole putting playoff with even par, and then went on to a seven-hole sudden death finish!

View the complete results here.

We Got the Bell Off the Old Cat's Tail

You know the old saying “Give him an inch and he’ll take a mile”? With cattails, you give them a foot of space and they’ll take over a pond. That challenge had maintenance director Ken Ramoneda wading in at Delaware Run to cut down cattails and reduce the size of their takeover before it got out of control. It happened to be the coldest day in several months, and the sky was overcast, but he made great headway nonetheless. Thanks, Ken!

Cut down cattails

Retired Willow Brook Employee Wes Jordan Honored

Wes Jordan

Retired Willow Brook employee Wes Jordan was honored at the Medical Mutual of Ohio’s Outstanding Senior Volunteer Award luncheon on August 9. The event recognizes seniors who are actively engaged in volunteer activities. The award salutes those volunteers who act in a selfless, caring manner, and are committed to enhancing the quality of lives of those around them. Nominated by the Council for Older Adults, Jordan received the Gold Award.

Wes, who was a maintenance worker and bus driver at Willow Brook Christian Village until his retirement, has volunteered more than 1,400 hours in his three and a half years of service to the Council for Older Adults by delivering MealsOn Wheels, as a Farmers’ Market Voucher program volunteer, at health fairs, and packing Wes Jordan as Santaand labeling Meals On Wheels trays. Wes also volunteers by providing transportation to clients who need to go to medical appointments. During the holiday season, he often dresses up like Santa Claus to help deliver meals. Wes also volunteers at Willow Brook by driving the bus on weekend trips.