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The items below have been placed on a "wish list" by residentsand staff members.  You can direct your tax-deductible contribution to  the general fund or toward a specific purpose, such as something on the gift registry.

Willow Brook Christian Home

Activities Kitchenette - $5,000
Allows residents to bake and also allows
families to warm-up dishes brought in to
share with loved ones.

Automatic Door Openers (6) - $2,500 each
Allows residents to enter and exit the
Courtyard whenever they please, without
Waiting for staff to hold door open for them.

Fish and Aquarium Supplies (Assisted Living
and Skilled Nursing) - $1,000 annually
Aquariums soothe the agitated, pass time, and
create relaxed environment.  Includes supplies,
cleaning, replacement fish – everything to keep
this popular attraction going.

Aviary supplies - $275 quarterly
Aviaries soothes and brings smiles to faces of
our residents.  Cleaning, supplies, replacement
birds included to keep the birds chirping and

Willow Brook Christian Village

Call light system (Cherith) - $15,000
Illuminates a soft light outside the room to
alert staff members that a resident needs help.

Automatic Door Opener
(Centrum, Door “E”) - $2,100
Push-button door opener allowing easier access
for residents entering and leaving Centrum via
Door “E”.

Table Height Boxed Garden (Passages) - $1,200
Raised garden plot so memory care center
residents can get their hands dirty, planting
veggies and flowers!

Willow Brook at Delaware Run

Weber Player Piano Restoration - $5,000
1930 5-foot Grand Weber Duo Art reproducing piano’s
player mechanism does not work.  Piano plays nicely
but would like to listen to the many paper rolls that
came with piano.

Awning (Memory Care) - $2,500
Awning for patio to sit outdoors without being open
to the sun.

Lawn Furniture - Patio tables, Chairs,and
Umbrellas $2,000 per set. (2 or 3 sets)
To be used outside of Café’ 100 and the courtyard
off of memory care.

Raised Garden - $1,200
For those who enjoy the feel of God’s earth
between their fingers yet are not limber enough
to get down on the ground and plant.  Residents
can plant and watch the growth from wheelchairs.

Park-style Benches (2)  (Assisted Living) - $200 each
For outside Café’ 100 door to enjoy the seasons
In an outside venue close to the healthcare.

Our Services

What's the difference?