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The entire staff are great people and we are thankful that Mom and Dad have been cared for so nicely for all these years.


The entire staff are great people and we are thankful that Mom and Dad have been cared for so nicely for all these years.


The people here continue to give me the will to work on getting better every day. The Willow Brook community is such a blessing.


I am so grateful for all the prayers, cards, and well wishes that gave me the strength to get through the last few weeks of my health challenge.


I wish to thank my Willow Brook family for the support that was given to me during my recent illness. Your prayers, cards, and visits comforted and strengthened me.


I am sincerely grateful for the cards and well-wishes and many prayers because I have truly been given a miracle.


The love and compassion extended to me and my family by the Willow Brook staff and residents during Bob’s long illness and passing will never be forgotten. There was a great comfort to us during this very difficult time in our lives. What a wonderful place to live


Thank you for your listening ear and suggestions as we planned Dad's visitation.


You do not realize what joy and fun you contribute to our lives.


Thank you for providing a beautiful, comfortable setting to celebrate our father's life!


We are fortunate that Mom is living in such a special place.


The room, the food, the music and timing were all just right and I can not imagine any better.


We are blessed to have such a dedicated staff.


Nothing can compare to the meals you fix for us.


Thank you! You add fun and laughter to our day.


Wow! What a wonderful Valentine buffet. You did not forget a thing... Give yourself a 5 star!


Your professional care together with your concern and compassion, shown and given helped to ease the stress in our minds and pain in our hearts.

All the best parts of being a human being are right here.

– anonymous

Caring is not just lip service here. It’s genuine.

– G.S.

My life has truly been blessed by living here at Willow Brook for the last 13 years. Thank you for being my friends.

– J.F.

Thank you for the cards, calls, and flowers given to me on my birthday. Our friends here at Willow Brook continue to be a blessing to us.

– D.B.

This is the best decision we ever made. We thank God every day that we moved here.

– G.A.

The kindness of the entire staff was extended to the family in ways we can only believe because we were there.

– F.R.

It takes a very special kind of person to offer the kind of care needed in a facility such as Willow Brook. They are very patient and understanding.

I don't have a lot of family and Willow Brook has become my family. If you want a home away from home this is it.

– D.M.

I appreciate what is going on at Willow Brook and I hope more folks will have the blessing of knowing about it and joining in the circle.

– L.H.

Great physical facility and grounds tastefully done, with safety and security in mind.

– L.H.

The dining room facility and especially the quality and variety of food served is out of this world, especially Sunday brunches.

It feels like a summer family reunion. Hiring is key here, good folks make good employees.

– L.H.

Set in a lovely park-like setting, Willow Brook appeals to the senses! Well done to all!

– D.G.

My stay at Willow Brook has been a pleasant experience. Private rooms and attractive surroundings inside and out were one of the reasons I chose to come here.

Thank you for the time you spent with me – building strength, stamina, and muscle, but especially for listening to me, talking to me, knowing me as a friend.

the respect, sensitivity, humor and support Willow Brook offers to residents is so evident. I believe everyone who exits the therapy doors feels more confident.

It was a memorable stay, with all my questions and concerns answered, no matter how trivial.

– B.H.

My needs and desires are well met. All employees, from nurses to kitchen help, aides, etc., are to be commended.

– D.G.

Thank you for every hug, for every positive word, for every challenge that helped my mother.

– A.S.

It's easy to make friends here - I have been to many events and we just talk and laugh.

We feel very blessed to have had all of you involved in her care. The environment and compassion that you provide should be a source of pride for each of you.

We really appreciate all the TLC you gave Chuck and I when he was a patient there. Chuck is doing much better. Keep up the good work.

We will always appreciate the wonderful care and friendship she enjoyed there. Your thoughtfulness is very comforting.

We appreciate the cards and comments of concern. It is great to have such a caring group of people to associate with.

Words cannot describe how blessed we were, as a family, to have such amazing people taking care of Dad.

The entire staff of Willow Brook are the most incredible, kind, caring individuals that we have ever seen.

Of all the places I could have chosen, Willow Brook was the best.

Turned out to be the best decision we, as a family, had ever made!!

The facility was beautiful, well maintained (inside&out) and soon the staff became an extended part of our family.

We were so impressed with the loving care my father received during that time by everyone there.

What a lovely, un-institutional environment!

We have had a number of guests for a meal in our dining facilities and the reaction has always been extremely complimentary.


The action at Delaware Run never stops. Whether a road trip to Lake Erie for birding, to Marion for a show, or to a Clippers game.

Willow Brook is certainly made up of the very best of people. It makes you realize how lucky one is to be amongst them. God Bless.

I can't say that I had a good time there, but if I had to go to a spot like that for rehabilitation,it couldn't have been better.

The PT's were great and I loved laughing with the aides. They were always ready for a joke and some fun.

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for all of you. You are such special people who care so much. Blessings always.

All of the people, were so kind and helpful. The food was great, the atmosphere lovely and the staff remarkable.

Thank you all for making the time for me very helpful and a pleasant experience. Your kindness, patience and loving care was much appreciated.

Your multitude of kindness has carried me through the grief that comes from the loss of health, friends and beloved family members.

How lucky I was to find a great family of friends when I moved to Willow Brook!

We are truly a family here at Willow Brook and I am so thankful we are here.

I feel so blessed to be at Willow Brook where I have received such excellent nursing care.

A special thank you to Jeremy and Kerry for pushing me into action again.

It is a most impressive organization with outstanding personnel and we are most appreciative of everything that was done for us.

Thank you again for having such a wonderful facility.

The stay in Cherith was helpful and appreciated along with physical therapy and lots of good food from the kitchen staff.

Thank you Willow Brook! You have helped me celebrate my retirement and encouraged my hobbies of photography and writing.

We feel truly blessed to have found Willow Brook which is filled with beautiful friends and the promise of many good memories yet to come.

I am a very lucky woman. This made turning 70 a fun time. Thank you, Willow Brook friends, for spoken and sung greetings, phone calls and lovely cards.

I am so thankful that I chose Willow Brook for my home since my husband died. He would be so pleased if he knew I am with so many kind and thoughtful friends.

Everyone at Willow Brook makes you feel good about yourself. This is a place I would definitely come back to.

Thanks everyone at Willow Brook for the excellent care they provide. Also the residents that I meet at meal time as well. Thank you again for your excellence!

I am so pleased with the standard of care, and I know that my Dad is infinitely happier than he has been for quite some time.

Thank you for all the beautiful cards, phone calls (even singing ones!) for my recent birthday. I can't believe how lucky I was in finding such a friendly community.

I was amazed at the total commitment you made to the patient and the family. Words cannot express the depth of the appreciation I have for each and every one of you.

I consider your loving support among my many blessings and I am deeply grateful.

You have given such an amazing gift to all of us and you continue to do so for those in your care.

The gentleness, respect and love that you show on a daily basis is truly a gift from GOD. Each and every one of you who comes in contact with the patients shows all aspects of love over and over again. We were blessed to have my mother there.

I am so blessed to be living here with a great staff that goes "above and beyond" every day and the best friends and neighbors anyone could every hope to have.

Many, many thanks to all of you for all the thoughtfulness and caring.

We couldn't have asked for a better group of people to take care of my grandma.

Thank you is too small a sentence to express how grateful I am of you all.

Thank you so much for the past couple of years we have had with you in passages. You are all very special people who work for a special organization.

I have never seen such caring people! You are always available for every need and go far beyond taking care of people. I will always remember with gratitude.

The people who work here are fantastic. We can't say enough about the great things they do.

They were so good to my mother and to the family. They are top notch.

My mother had physical and occupational therapy, and they made the transition back into home life very easy for my mother.

These folks were great! They were constantly cleaning. My father stayed there.

Willow Brook Christian Village is a special place to live. I am grateful for the cards, flowers, and greetings you sent me on my birthday.

Times like birthday and many other occasions that we are grateful to be a part of the Willow Brook community.

I am so grateful to the staff and all those volunteers who make this a place that I am proud to show our friends.

Thank you for all your efforts of love you showed my mom and family! You did not know this but you helped me fulfill the last thing my father asked me to do.

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