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Willow Brook News


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 We've been celebrating autumn for a couple of weeks now, and a few days ago we had our Fall Fest.  Folks gathered in the parking lot of Willow Brook Christian Village for fresh-pressed cider, pumpkin doughnut holes, corn dish and baked goods competitions, classic cars and more.  A tad on the chilly side, it was still lots of fun!

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Willow Brook artists left the LeadingAge Ohio statewide Art and Writing Competition with nine awards. We were so proud of them that we wanted their neighbors to see the fruits of their creative enterprise. So we had a party this week and invited everyone to come see what their talent produced. Great fun - and inspiring, too.

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Today the State of Ohio completed its annual, unannounced inspections of the assisted living centers at both Willow Brook Christian Home and Willow Brook at Delaware Run. They both got perfect nursing scores! This makes nine in a row for The Home, and six in a row for Delaware Run. Delaware Run has been open for six years, so beating The Home’s count was impossible.
“I feel extremely fortunate,” said Home assisted living director Josie Montgomery, “that I have a group of people working with me who are so dedicated to the residents that they would never think to give them anything other than their very best.
Willow Brook’s three campuses, with skilled nursing/rehabilitation, and assisted living have now accumulated 22 perfect nursing scores in a row among them, prompting CEO Larry Harris to say “In all five of our healthcare centers, we have had so many perfect inspections... with the Ohio Department of Health the past several years that they could start to feel “routine.” Truth is, each one represents an incredible amount of study, preparation, toil, sweat, focus and handwringing. None is a given, and none is easy. Willow Brook is blessed with teams of talented, smart, driven people who care very much.”




A hundred people gathered at Willow Brook Christian Village this afternoon to celebrate Belvadell Sidlinger’s 104th birthday.

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Amid music, laughter and cookies folks lined up to give this beloved resident of Willow Brook’s two Delaware communities their best wishes and hopes for more birthdays to come. Belvadell was the very first resident of the new apartments at Delaware Run in 2009. She moved to Willow Brook Christian Village a few months ago. Her friends, family, and neighbors old and new celebrated with her today.

Mrs. Sidlinger is a retired teacher who even last school year volunteered as a special tutor for elementary students at Schultz Elementary School. Other volunteer tutors from Willow Brook at Delaware Run related stories of how she helped them become more effective in their voluntary capacity, and related the amazement of the children to have someone more than a hundred years old helping them learn to read and do math.

“Anybody with a lot of luck and the right genes can live to be a hundred and four,” CEO Larry Harris told her, “but today we are celebrating the beautiful, loving spirit that you have shown the world for 104 years.”


Charlie touching

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This past week, Willow Brook was given the honor of performing at Ohio’s statehouse for their “Summer Fridays at the statehouse” event which offers free food and entertainment outside the beautiful, historic structure.
It was a sunny day on July 31st, 2015, when the Willow Brook bus loaded up at the Village for a trip to downtown Columbus. Surrounded by towering skyscrapers, our Willow Brook Singers were joined by the Rainbow Kids (our volunteer homeschooled group in Delaware) as they prepared to entertain the public with patriotic enthusiasm. Decked out in brightly colored clothes, they made Willow Brook proud as they raised their voices to several popular American songs in their portrayal of a “Great American Road Trip". In addition to the many talented voices, we were also treated to a demonstration of Don Partlow's spoon instrument and a splendid Charleston-style dance number from the Rainbow Kids.
Many thanks to our wonderful activities team and our many volunteers for a wonderful day!

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